24 July 2016

oh hey.

coat Forever New, shoes ASOS, bag via Luxe.it.Fwd

Hey guys I'm back! I've been a busy bee at my full-time job (I got a mini-promotion yeahhh), plus focussing on my Modere side business, PLUS doing some behind the scenes collaborating with a few companies. I had so much fun playing around with some of the Luxe.it.Fwd stock. They are the loveliest team. I can't wait to show you more photos! But as I promised, here is a pic of my new favourite coat from Forever New. I haven't had to wear it at all in the past week though because of course, in the middle of a Queensland winter the temperature randomly rose to the mid-20's. I am not complaining at all that's for sure...

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15 June 2016


blouse Zara, skort Zara, coat Forever New

It's official... Forever New have the best coats that I can find, and no this is not a paid endorsement. I bought this grey coat about 3-4 years ago just because I liked it and I haven't really worn it that much until this year. I also have a black trench coat so to complete my winter wardrobe, I wanted to find a camel-coloured coat too. I looked everywhere- you name it, but alas the last shop I went to was Forever New and they had a wide selection of camel coats. I ended up buying one that didn't make me look like Carmen Sandiago and will show you in my next post! Oh and just impulsively I bought this new blouse from Zara. It fit so well and it is surprisingly warm even though it's so thin!

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11 June 2016

black truffle.

dress Alice McCall, hat Seed 

I've had this playsuit since the boxing day sales but I just haven't had the chance to shoot it. I was deliberating buying this in general because since I've started hitting the gym, my shoulders have gotten bigger...perhaps too big for spaghetti straps lol! But that's what long hair is for right?

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