18 September 2014


new in: boots from Cannes, France.

So I decided to break these leather boots in by wearing them to a friends house. They were having pre-drinks and were going out after. It was the night after I got back from Europe, so I wasn't planning on going out, just merely going over to catch up and share some stories. Nek minnit, I'm shredding the dance floor at the clubs and then at McDonalds eating their breakfast menu at 6am. Needless to say, these boots got destroyed. After an hour of scrubbing them with a toothbrush and using a hairdryer to avoid water marks, I have managed to semi get them back to normal. I have definitely learnt my lesson!

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13 September 2014


t-shirt Kenzo, shirt Missguided, shoes Goodnight Macaroon, bag Celine, sunglasses Ksubi (similar here), rings via Dainty and Bold

It's about time this t-shirt made its debut on the blog. It's my first and only purchase from Selfridges which I have decided is my favourite store in the world. Ahh London how I miss thee. 

In other news, I know I've been a bit M.I.A lately and I'm sorry, BUT I actually have a good reason... I'm moving out! I am so excited to soon live 10 minutes from the city. Driving to work in peak hour traffic will no longer take me an hour (ugh). I've been a busy bee shopping, list making, organising and cleaning. I've had barely any chillout time to myself lately also because the work party/events season has ramped up so I am rarely home most nights, and on top of that, I have just started seeing someone (as you may have guessed from my Instagram hehe). I am so happy and excited for the next chapter of my life to start, so please excuse me as I try to manage this blog and my new life :)

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04 September 2014


dress via RunwayDream, necklace Samantha Wills, boots Whistles

When you think about it, the fashion industry moves at such a rapid pace that we as consumers struggle to keep up with the constant trends being pumped out in the market. This is why I will always applaud websites in which you can rent designer pieces. Who wants to spend hundreds of dollars for a piece you'll only realistically wear once or twice? Not me. And now I've found another one which not only rents out formal wear, but some casual pieces too like this maxi!

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