23 October 2016


Loving this YSL clutch via Luxe.it.Fwd. There's always something special about soft leather and a statement gold chain :)
Speaking of chains, did you know that only 5% of people aren't bound by the chains of societal normality? 95% of you will just scrape by in life. Bound by a 9-5 work schedule (or thereabouts), paying off a mortgage or other bills, and being in debt most of your life. Then when you finally retire (around 65), you outlive your superannuation because it only covers you for around 10 years.
Sadly, 95% will never have financial freedom, mostly because they didn't know better beforehand. Bleak? Yes. Wake the hell up. 

Complacency is the death of personal growth. 

I'm in the 5%, what about you? If you want to know more about what I'm talking about, email me. I want to help you.

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25 September 2016

mango hill.

I had the pleasure of witnessing an amazing friend of mine marry the love of her life this weekend. Everything about it was perfect down to the company, weather, food, vows that made me tear up and atmosphere. I also enjoyed renting this dress for the occasion too. So far I have had a good experience with peer-to-peer renting and will definitely give it another go for my next event!

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17 September 2016

vasa bla.

This weekend I'm enjoying some downtime using my new wireless earphones thanks to Sudio Sweden. You may remember that I did an 8-week challenge a year ago and lost nearly 30% of my body fat percentage... and yup it's back again starting TOMORROW. Goodbye junk food and alcohol T_T - but on the plus side I get to do my gym workout without getting tangled up in my old earphone cords. This particular model of earphone is also the lightest on the market, has a long battery life and has changeable earbud sleeves depending on size. I have puny ears so I had to change mine to the smallest size straight away :3

Use discount code "OPINIONSLAVE" for a massive 15% off your order. They do free delivery worldwide :) 

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