06 January 2017

happy new year.

dress Zimmermann

Happy New Year everyone! This is what I wore to New Year's Eve :) I ended up going to a rooftop bar with some work friends to celebrate and it was luxe - think Belvedere drink stations, 2 metre meat & cheese tables, dessert tables, flamethrowers, acrobats and photobooths. So much fun!

I have no real new year's resolutions this year around, other than not investing time into toxic people and doing things which don't make me happy. I'm really just going with the flow and if something doesn't make me happy, then I'll simply change it or fix it. 
One of my missions this year around however is spreading the message of good health and when I say good health, I don't mean eating acai bowls and drinking green smoothies. Fuck that. I mean improving your cellular health and decreasing your oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is the #1 reason why we age as well as being linked to over 200 diseases. Makes sense when you know cancer is actually mutated cells that are uncontrollable. I am spreading the word on a particular product that is proven to reduce oxidative stress and is the only one of its kind in the world. So that is my mission- to help as many people as possible!

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18 December 2016


pictured: Svensson nail polish kit

Thinking of what to get your beloved sister, mother or best friend for Christmas? Well.. this is kinda perfect. 

One of my dear friends has just launched this online store (based in Brisbane) and now I have no need to go to the shops anymore to get a chip-free, shellac nail mani/pedi. I'd much rather be doing my nails in my undies, in front of the TV on a hot summer's day that's for sure! Saves me over $55 each time... yessss. Each kit comes with your choice of colours, a top & base coat, an LED nail lamp, acetone & cuticle sticks. I've tried and tested, and given it my tick of approval. I'm thinking of doing sparkly red and green nail polish for Xmas :P

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14 December 2016

mon purse.

dress Zara, bag via Mon Purse

My Mon Purse monogram collection is officially at 1 and I can't wait to stock up on more... there's nothing like the smell of fresh leather. This Australian custom leather brand is now stocked exclusively at Myer Brisbane City as of October/November, so for all your leather good monogram needs I'll see you there! I think for my Europe trip next year I'll need a luggage tag... just cause.

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