15 March 2010


I was just trolling the interwebs and stumbled across these:
"Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for Melissa Bow Detail Ankle Boots".

Purrrty cute I think... If I didn't already own a pair of Melissa heart flats, then I would've probably bought them.. heh..

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  1. Francesca! Thanks a lot for your comment, affie! I like your new header, "vampire". Speaking of vampires, do you watch The Vampire Diaries? It's awesome!!!

  2. You should definitely start watching VD. I've heard of True Blood and watched a few episodes. Didn't really like it that much though. A video store? Sounds fine. I don't have a job at the moment, should probably get one. Hope you're doing well. XO

  3. Hey Francesca :) It's great to here from you! I've not been on my Piczo for SUCH a long time, so sorry it's taken me a while to get back to you. I love your blog :) Super smart! But I think you should get a Tumblr blog, personally - they're really easy to use and customise. I hope you're well anyway, it's great to hear from you :) dimanche/piczo - sparksfly/tumblr xxxx

  4. this sounds completely random but the shoes smell really good too in an odd way. ahhahah

    They do!!
    I noticed that whilst I was in Hong Kong! Funnily enough they had a LOT of Melissa/Vivienne Westwood shoes there.. and my god they smell like candy! Haha!