26 March 2010

duper strength

omgomg. These were sooo hard to get being a discontinued and old season item, so I can't believe I finally have my hands on these. Love and appreciate my boyfriend for finding them for me, although I ruined his surprise when an anonymous voguette answered my 'wanted' post for these and he was like... don't get them because they're... old.. dammit I found them for you >< naww haha.

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  1. likelikelike! i love all the fashion on your blog <3
    i gave up on piczo about the time everyone vanished...i try and think of all my old favourites and none of them exist anymore - we've been replaced by a new piczo generation! haha,
    well i hope you're good :)
    caitlin / sparksfly.tumblr.com

  2. Heyyy, I'm hosting over at http://www.lavishedbeauty.com if your interested!

  3. hiyaaaaa,
    yeah it is good to know!
    loving the affiliate icons maha.
    AND LOVING THE SUNGLASSES. they are lush!
    so like how are you doing?
    xo naomi