13 March 2010

love weekend

On Friday March 12, my dear Uncle got married! I travelled interstate to attend the beautiful ceremony/reception held in Sydney's Daltone House. I couldn't be more thankful that it didn't rain as it was outside on deck. The ceremony was nice.. mainly traditional, and I got to catch up with my cousin yay! The reception afterwards was filled with champagne, speeches, dancing (conga lines/limbo LOL), but primarily.. eating; there were five courses!!
After the wedding, my cousin and I hit up the casino instead of the after party. I started off with $40, lost $35 on Baccarat, then put my last, lonely $5 chip on a row in Roulette and won! Then put it all on red and won! So I ended up with $60 at the end rofl.
The next day I walked around Paddington's Oxford & Glenmore Street drooling at the designer stores; then had a scenic lunch on the top level of Bondi Junction. All this wedding business was making me miss my boy, but to top it all off, we scored an earlier flight home! :)

Photos by opinionslave

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