22 March 2010

mr bow pouch (large)

Okay so today I went to Violent Green (one of my favourite stores) with my boyfriend, and being the bad influence he is, I totally got persuaded in buying the Deadly Ponies 'Mr Bow Pouch' bag.. since I have it now, I might as well put a few pictures up.. lmao

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  1. Hey there Francesca!
    It's Bree from nightheaded.piczo.com!
    Thank you for your comment! :)
    I love blogspot - I have it, too.
    I used to use it a lot, but life's been hetic lately, and well, it's just starting to slow a little.
    Anyway, what ever happened to miint? I loved it!!
    My blog's a little boring at the moment, but you can visit if you like. Just message me on my site though, kay?! :D

    :D xo

  2. Awesome bag I wish I had it! Do you like Chronicles of Never?

  3. Hay sorry about the late comment v-town. I couldn't post comments for some reason.. but yes I do like chronicles of never, but not really for myself, but for guys :) My boyfriend owns a few of their items.