07 March 2010

relaxed ambience

So.. I was watching The Biggest Loser the other night and it made me realise that I should try and better myself as a person. Life is too short.

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  1. heey i've heard of the ''biggest loser'' show,i mean just curious and all but why do they call it the ''biggest loser''?
    i just dont get it :S

    are they trying to make someone the biggest loser or something??
    anyway reply back soon and thanks for letting me kno out ur new post!^^

  2. hey how r u ,, im pinkya-hot.piczo.com
    it's nice to meet u,,and cool site i love it so much,,
    but from where u get my site??
    post ur answer in my site ,, love meme

  3. 0h well i still dont think they should call it the biggest ''loser''.

    btw do you watch american idol?


  4. Fwwwaaaaaaaaaan!!
    Missing youuu :')
    Ahh is that you in the picture??
    Hehee we've all grown up so much these days :(
    Remember when our sites were just starting out in piczo?? :'D
    Anyways I'm glad you shared this blog site of yours with me!
    I'll be checking up on you now ;)
    Hehe STAAALK :)
    Ahh I've been good thank you, just finding life speeding up way too fast!
    I hope uni isn't too hard on you :P
    It's good to hear from you, yaknow!
    Loooooooove! x