20 April 2010

you can never have too many...


RUBY SMALLBONE dopamine rush panel dress

NINA MAYA aoyama dress

NICOLA FINETTI long deep V cap sleeve dress

MYPETSQUARE cage dress

LULU IN CHAINS modest vanity


JOVEEBA the traveller dress

AMBERJULES francesca dress

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1 comment:

  1. Hey Fran!
    I just read your comment on my website (funkytani.piczo.com) and came right over to see your new blog! Its pretty awesome :D
    My exams went quite well, thanks for wishing me luck!
    The new piczo kinda sucks doesn't it? So I moved back to Blogger. (lastsinchic.blogspot.com) You should come visit sometime :)

    Well, I hope everything's well with you! Keep Blogging!
    lots of love, tanya