12 August 2010


we all have that one friend who boasts about the successes in their life and never ceases to post messages about goal setting.
after reading something amazing, i've discovered an alternative way of thinking.
we all have goals in our life, but the new thing is living up to your values. let's start small.
today, i am going to clean my room, start an assignment and wash the car. at the end of the day, i only managed to do one of those tasks and therefore i feel unproductive and lousy because i didn't fulfill my list. instead of making a list and just doing it, just think- i am going to clean my car because i value tidiness. i am going to wash my car because i value cleanliness. i am going to start that assignment because i value productivity/good grades/my education.
this new way of thinking has changed the way i look at things.
always make small promises and achieve them one by one, because if you set big goals you will always feel insignificant until you achieve it.

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