02 August 2010

my first shoot

On the last day of July, Patria and my friend from Porcelain Photography did a muck around shoot which was so much fun! (I've only uploaded ones of me though). I must say, I like watching next top model and the posing part may look easy, but I found out for myself that it's really not haha.

(gail sorronda headpiece, emma rea dress, tristan blair wedges)

(tainted bustier, harem pants, christian louboutin pumps)

(rabbit fur vest, sportsgirl maxi, gail sorronda belt, i heard they eat cigarettes heels)

(lover lace dress, alexander mcqueen heels)

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1 comment:

  1. i simply adore the last five photos. i love the dress and the heals, and i love the bright backgrounds :)