24 August 2010

stolen style club

It seems that Stylestalker has literally done some stalking and have stolen from Stolen Girlfriends Club.

(SGC black mesh leggings)

(Stylestalker neon leggings)

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1 comment:

  1. Hey baaabe, that's alright!
    Your blog is getting so fashionable, I absolutely love it :3
    Ahhhh 6 1/2 weeks, sounds so gooooood *_* Hope you've been enjoying it then!
    Sometimes you make me look forward to uni, but right now I'm sick of planning and getting in as much work experience as I can =.= bwahah!

    What are you studying again, btw? You should be, like, a designer >.<

    Sorry for this late reply then! Looove Harriet || hmak0