22 September 2010

controversially shake your kitty

When feminists get angry at men when they give up their seat on a bus for them. When homosexuals/bisexuals get angry about people freely using the word 'gay'. When worshipers get angry at people who say 'oh my god'. Like Lady Gaga, I don't care what you are. However, I get pissed off when people act all high and mighty about what they call themselves for no reason. It's not all about you.

PS- Nice pictures, eh? ;)

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1 comment:

  1. I agree to a point, however the only issue I have is when people use the word gay in a derogatory context. I don't care who says it, it's unacceptable. Even for lols, when will being gay stop being a negative thing in people's eyes?

    'Gay' is the new 'fag/got'.