31 October 2010

november 'f' list

  • finding a song you relate to
  • university holidays
  • selling old shit so you can buy new shit
  • not cheating on your bf/gf (this includes kinky emails to others)
  • buying vanilla up&go by the litre
  • pop tarts as late night study snacks

  • uncool:
  • gap tooth models
  • it's break up season at the moment
  • posting annoying emo/lyrical statuses about your break up
  • WoW
  • going vegetarian
  • impolite customers (bogans) at work

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    1. selling old shit so you can buy new shit is tops! x

    2. hmmm I fail to see why it is uncool to be vegetarian... I think it's very cool to not eat animals.

      I do have to agree though about impolite customers and cheating/break ups!

    3. Haha juju. She is on the cover of shoptilyoudrop and she could be soo much prettier if she just fixed her teeth! ><