24 October 2010

ready for the weekend

This is the outfit that I wore to my friend's 21st last night. I think it deserves a special mention on my blog because it is the first personally altered piece of mine. It actually used to be a maxi dress, which I tried to sell because it was too long for me. But what the heck, I thought I may as well make it wearable!

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  1. Love love love!!! necklace is amazing!!! stunning look xxxx

  2. There definitely arent enough of us around!! :) It's always nice to 'meet' a fellow brissie blogger! Ohh wikifashion...I don't even know how/why I'm on there - yay x

  3. Love, love, love the dress.


  4. Oh my gosh PLEASE tell me how you did this, I've been wanting to do it to one of my maxi's!

    Ps I just found your blog on Vogue and it is love at first sight.