19 October 2010

take me back

It's 2:20AM, I've finished an assignment a week early and I only have one assignment and one exam until the summer holidays! ATM I'm really loving the fact that Max Brenner just opened in Brisbane and that my trip to Thailand draws closer and closer. I feel that this summer is going to be a good one...

Now I'm going to do something that I haven't done since Myspace days:

Most people don't know this about me:
I always need a pillow to cuddle when I sleep
My favorite music:
Anything techno really. Hardstyle especially!
The smell of vanilla and coconut drives me wild
I collect:
fashion labels
Favourite song right now:
Price of Love by White Lies
Favorite quote:
Those who matter, don't care and those who don't matter care. Be true to yourself!
If you could trade places with anyone it would be:
Rumi Neely probably. Girl has a psycho wardrobe!
90210 or Gossip girl?:
I've only seen GG
The happiest moment in life:
Every moment I'm with my boyfriend.. naww... ><
It's Cheesy, but I like:
Hello Kitty and Snoopy
The one food I could eat forever is:
My secret celebrity crush is:
umm.. Rafael Nadal I guess?
I'm addicted to:
Max Brenner/chocolate
My favorite actress is:
Rachel McAdams
If I were an animal, I'd be:
a very rare parrot LOL
The one thing I spend too much money on:
clothing myself!
I wish I could Splurge on:
the perfect Chanel 2.55
I'm disappointed about:
Doing lame on exams but it's my fault because I hate studying!

PS- Trying to decide on what to wear to a 21st this Saturday night. I have something in mind, but it involves using scissors..

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  1. Scissors away!!! cant wait to see what you chose to wear! x http://whatwouldkarldo.com