04 November 2010

do the yum cha cha

Yup just chilling by some bins after late night yum cha which was delicious! And yes in the first pic I am about to sneeze. My personalised order was sponge cake MMMmmmm. I love picking at it with my fingers while it burns me like crazy. Anywho, I am wearing one of the tops that arrived from Topshop a few days ago. Although it is quite oversized on me, I find it a good casual throwover nonetheless (there was only the s/m sizing option). Also, I am so over putting my hair up all the time because my hair and its regrowth is horrible! So excited for my appointment on Wednesday. Never go 1.5 years without a hair appointment.

PS- Isn't the green froggy cute? It was my bodyguard at the ATM.

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