06 November 2010

taste of freedom

I'm having a fantastic day so far! Smashed my last 8:30AM exam for Semester 4 and now I'm on holidays for 3 months!! WOO finally!!! After my exam my mum met me in the city and we had lunch at the casino and went shopping. I also met the designer and owner behind Darb Bridal Couture- Brad Webb. He has one little shop in Brisbane Arcade so take a look next time you're in the city. His gowns are the most amazing ever! (No I'm not getting married we were inquiring about formal dresses for my sister). I am getting so excited for my trip to Thailand in December so mum and I bought straw hats LOL :D
PS- you can get Absolut vodkas in little packs of 5 now! Soo kawaii!

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  1. lol you could get those little bottles forever fran! they are perfect as lady hipflasks

  2. Ohhh! I am not an alcoholic so I only just found out :)