01 February 2011

february 'f' list

  • gaining new affiliates because Google finally approved your Adsense/affiliate network account
  • saying you're sorry and meaning it
  • sweltering summers/pool parties/beaching with friends
  • things working out when you thought they wouldn't
  • having a valentines on valentines day (maybe)
  • it's my birthday soon

  • uncool:
  • GETTING MY WISDOM TEETH REMOVED (probably as you are reading this- scheduled post ftw)
  • federer not winning the australian open
  • that there's no more tennis to watch on tv :(
  • being emailed by noobs who want you to promote their business
  • owning a black car in the summer
  • being one class away from the perfect uni timetable

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    1. Goodluck with your wisdom teeth. Hope it doesn't hurt too much after.

      I was also quite disappointed Federer didn't win.

    2. Eek I hope your dentist app goes well, I have to get two deep fillings today and I'm so nervous I want to cry :(

    3. Ugh yikes about the wisdom teeth! Hope you feel better soon!

    4. awesome list! my wisdom tooth should have been removed a while back but i chickened out! so i still have them!

    5. Man, I wish it was warm here so I could sit by the pool with friends in the sweltering summer!

      I hope you recover quickly from your dental torture!!! I need to get mine done too, but I'm putting it off until I absolutely can't take it anymore!

    6. Ah good luck with getting your wisdom teeth out! i hope it goes smoothly and you have a quick recovery x Sushi

    7. Oh my god! Removing wisdom teeth must be very hurt! :((

    8. a good list!
      almost yout birthday, yeah.

      and good luck with the teeth, but don't be afraid. When its happening it don't hurt, only afterwards al little. But luckly there are asperins.

    9. FEDERER. *cries*
      At least Djokovic won. He's my second favourite... next to Federer. </3

    10. There is a lot of things on your lists. Hope you get them all done this month.

      love your cropped tee and skirt. you look very nice. Wish we had that kind of weather in NY.


    11. Goodluck DEAR,,

      xo model from holland

      new post Online,Come check it out

      everyday a new post

    12. I love it when you do this post. Good luck on your post wisdom tooth removal. When I got mine done it was my first time being "put under" and when I woke up, I was trying to fight the nurses/dentist off and get out of the chair haha!

      They were like "It's ok, calm down." Then I fell asleep again then woke up and they gave me this XXL neon green shirt that read, "Even though the tooth is gone, the wisdom is still there!"




    13. You are so lucky its summer there. I am so tired of this cold weather.
      Im getting my wisdom teeth out in February as well. I hope yours is going okay! :(

      <3Chelsea Elizabeth

    14. good luck with your timetable!! and happy early birthday :)


    15. having a valentines on valentines day (maybe)


    16. due to the whole not having money thing i have been forced to grow my wisdom teeth out. its not very fun either. i wish you a speedy, non chipmunk cheek recovery~.~

    17. ouu you kinda inspired me to do a f list to :) happy early birthday! i got my wisdom teeth removed too, its better than when your older!

    18. Ewwwww, wisdom teeth getting removed. I'm sorry. :( That sucks balls.
      Google won't let me do any AdSense thing for some reason. LAME.
      Valentine's Day sucks, and I'm engaged. It's so commercial. Also lame.


    19. ooooo wisdom teeth remove.. so u have multiple pulled at once? mmm well actually i don’t think it’s that bad, cuz u won’t feel the pain~~ n it will heal.. u’ll survive!! ^^

      xoxo hitomineko xoxo

    20. totally with you page on the sweltering summers/pool parties/beaching with friends
      def YESS!!

    21. AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Good luck with your teeth! Pore honey :D
      I've removed all my wisdom teeth :(

      Also on Twitter!!!

    22. good luck with your wisdom teeth! i haven't done mine yet and it will be a horrible pain when i have to. hopefully next summer i'll get it over with. yikes!

      anyways, gorgeous!

      thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment, will definitely follow. lots of inspiration and energy flowing from your blog :) follow?


    23. This is a gorgeous bootyshort:) LOV the diy!

    24. Hope getting your wisdom teeth out wasn't so bad! And I love this idea - - I may have to start doing it on my blog too :)

      So What If I Like Pretty Things

    25. Beautiful blog!