11 June 2011

Lipstick review

(L-R: Mac, Giorgio Armani rogue d'armani, Maybelline, Pupa, YSL rogue personnel & YSL rogue volupte)

For reasons unknown, I went through a little lipstick obsession a few months ago and have thus tried various brands. The following post is a little review I have done for each of them :)

1. Giorgio Armani rogue d'armani - rrp$45 AUD - 8/10
Casing: Securely closes magnetically and is a beautiful sleek black colour and heavy
Smell: Barely a smell/odourless
Application: Applies smoothly, even on slightly chapped lips and moisturises lips gently
Wear: Isn't the longest lasting one out there, but it doesn't dry your lips out and stain everything you touch. Worn here.
Where to buy in Aus: Yesstyle.com.au for a slightly cheaper price (even with the $10 postage fee) & David Jones

2. Maybelline generic lipstick - rrp$3-20~ AUD - 8.5/10
Casing: Pretty crappy plastic casing, doesn't even have the logo on it
Smell: Classic 'lipstick' smell. Neither pleasant or unpleasant
Application: Easy to apply and doesn't smear easily. Apply less for light coverage or heavily for the colour to really stand out
Wear: This lipstick stays on and lasts a long time which is why I have given it such a high rating. I went clubbing all night in this and didn't have to reapply it. My lips didn't dry out either, they just were slightly sticky
Where to buy in Aus: Target, K-mart, Big W- any department store I guess or online from All Cosmetics Wholesale for dirt cheap prices

3. YSL rouge personnel (discontinued) - rrp$9-20 AUD - 5/10 (left)
Casing: Plastic casing with the YSL logo, looks quite cheap to be honest
Smell: Smells 100% like a crayon- no kidding
Application: I bought this because since it is discontinued, it's very cheap.. but it's quite hard to apply, I had to carefully press it moderately hard on my lips without breaking the damn thing. If you pay more than $14 for this, you are getting ripped off.
Wear: Stays on rather well because it was a mission to get it on in the first place, but didn't moisturise my lips at all, and they felt quite dry afterwards. No wonder this was discontinued. Worn here.
Where to buy in Aus: Only available online. I recommend All Cosmetics Wholesale. Look for wholesale cosmetics stores online to find cheaper prices on all lipsticks in general.

4. YSL rouge volupte - rrp$40 AUD - 7.5/10 (right)
Casing: It's like holding gold. I also realised it had a small mirror on the cap for convenient application- clever much? Beautiful and heavy.
Smell: Pleasant. Kinda smells and tastes like watermelon..
Application: Found that the best way to apply this was to dab it onto my lips, otherwise the colour would be too strong (depends on your shade though really). Care must be given otherwise it can smear
Wear: Smears quite easily. Ate a burger with it on and found some on my chin.. (go figure LOL). Doesn't last as long as I had hoped as well. Was slightly disappointed. Worn here.
Where to buy in Aus: Myer, David Jones, or online from Ebay/All Cosmetics Wholesale

5. MAC - rrp$35 AUD - 10/10
Casing: Practical and classic. Not too light to feel cheap and not too heavy.
Smell: Unrecognisable, but very pleasant
Application: Applies very well. Start with a light/soft application and then increase it until you have the colour strength you want. Thick and nice consistency. Moisturises the lips somewhat and you can even apply it with slightly chapped lips
Wear: Lasts quite a while, doesn't dry your lips out nor easily stain things it touches. Pretty much the closest thing I've come across to the perfect lipstick. I highly recommend. Worn here and here.
Where to buy in Aus: Myer, David Jones, or online from Ebay/All Cosmetics Wholesale (generally cheaper than rrp)

6. Pupa diva's rogue - rrp$12-14 AUD - 6.5/10
Casing: Quite practical, isn't too light/cheap looking
Smell: Unrecognisable, but pleasant
Application: Is quite thick so I find that a light coverage is enough. Lacks its own shine and typical glossiness that a lipstick should have
Wear: Lasts a fair while but lips did tend to dry out because it lacks some moisturising agents. Bought this from SaSa a while ago just to try it out since it was pretty cheap.
Where to buy in Aus: Only online from stores like StrawberryNet.

And thus ends my little review :) Thanks for reading and if you have any personal experiences or another brand that you've found to be good/bad, please comment below! Also my giveaway winner will be announced shortly!


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  1. I want alll those MAC lipsticks. such nice colors!

    Soi 8 recycling

  2. your reviews were very well planned out! usually blog makeup reviews are in paragraph form but I'm glad that yours is very short and sweet and gets to the point haha

    would love so much if you stopped by my blog, I'm aiming for 50 followers by the end of June :)

  3. YAY!!!!


    I need to do a review thingy thang like this

    MAC is wear my heart belongs, LOVE them.

  4. love the first color so much but I agree, I really think MAC lipsticks are perfect! I love everyone I have!

  5. Oh, this was really useful! I adore Chanel lipsticks, but haven't really tried to many others, I must admit. I was going to try YSL next, but now you've got me tempted to try MAC instead!


  6. Great! Love the red lipstick by MAC.

  7. I love your MAC lipstick shades! Your review is incredible.


  8. ohh thanks for the tips! i'm in search for a pink lisptick.

  9. pupa, YSL, and all MAC I want!! :)

  10. Good to see MAC getting a big tick - I love their Russian Red shade - fantastic staying power. Also great to see Maybelline up there too - I love their foundation and mascara so I must try the lippie now:)

  11. i've got 2 lipstick...a chanel red one and a dior fuxia...i think that they are both great!!

  12. I like MAC. Thanks for the review! I don't really wear a lot of lipstick myself and only tried the MAC because a friend convinced me. The other brand I have is Arbonne - from one of the makeup parties. My sister bought it for me :)


  13. You have amazing lipsticks!
    I want these YSL.

  14. I want to buy new lipstick, so this is so useful! Wonderful post, thanks.

    Well, the lipstick I use, Revlon's "Super Lustrous," is quite nice, but it's pretty light on my lips, so to get the colour I have to wear it thick.

    Also, are the wholesale website and StrawberryNET reliable?

  15. Great review! I love how organized it is.

    I've heard so much hype about these MAC lipsticks and I really want to try them out. BUT they are not sold in my country (no surprise here) and I can't seem to find any websites that would ship here. I hope I'll find them somewhere in Italy this summer.


  16. I love your collection of lipsticks! I'm not really a fan of it but I think, it really do wonders <3 Hey, would you want us to follow each other? :)

  17. thanks for this review! very interesting post xxx

  18. thanks for this review! very interesting post xxx





  20. YSL <3 but all of these are amazing

  21. Greetings from Brazil.

    Cool! I'm also addicted to buying lipsticks, but I prefer the pink ... are perfect for any occasion.

    kisses, see you

  22. Awesome lipsticks. I just bought a nude one, do you have a nude one? I don't know if it looks good on me haha.

  23. great review, you must have spent a lot of time :/ personally i wear only red lipstick sometimes (i don't even remember the brand, it's old), otherwise gloss...

  24. Thanks for the detailed review. I've always loved the YSL gold casing. It's just so classy!

    Have never tried MAC lippies, but since you gave it a 10/10, I'm going to try one after my shopping ban. I loved it that you also wrote it can be applied on slighly chapped lips, my lips are sometimes a bit dry, so this would be perfect.

  25. Lovely review! I have just started wearing lippy so this was great. Who wants to wear lipstick that smells of crayon?!

  26. Great review. I need to try the Maybelline. I can't believe how long it lasted.



  27. ooh i love your review! great details! love your blog

    love from San Francisco,

  28. I love this review! Definitely voting for the MAC. Great choice!

    Fox Whiskers

  29. oh my god, i want the coral coloured lipstick!


  30. I totally agree with MAC lipsticks lasting! <3

  31. I have to say I only own 2 lipsticks but have started to really want more! I own a Chanel one and MAC one. I have to say while I love the Chanel one and will continue to wear it because I love the colour, the MAC one stays on so much better! Thank you for sharing that site, I will be buying some lipsticks from there after my spending ban!


  32. ooooo thanks for sharing this, got a few lipsticks to add to my pink collection :o x

  33. Lovely pics! :)
    Nice blog!


  34. Love the one by Pupa, the colour seems to be amazing!

  35. The YSL lipstick looks so pretty! Too bad it doesn't last very long on the lips though :(