05 July 2011

Knock it off

Pamela Love silver double cage ring $485

'Caged in knuckle ring' $12
(no doubt will make your finger green and change colour the moment it touches any water)

Personally, I don't support knock-offs... and unoriginal minds. Please support our designers, not the cheap and tacky retailers.


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  1. I agree. I'd rather spend more money and buy less.


  2. i'm with you on the support thing

  3. Yeah I agree, to an extent. I think sometimes SOME designers have their heads shoved so far up their asses and think that they're piece of cloth they cut a couple of slits through is worthy of a small fortune. I think the original, honest designers are the ones we should forever support. Pam Love is one, x

  4. i totally agree.



  5. I ordered something through a website the other day (a cute blue potion necklace) and they sent me the wrong item - they sent me a silver cage ring like the second one pictured!!!!

    I much prefer the original, i did although paint it with clear nail polish to prevent said green finger.

  6. Love it <3

    Have a fashionable day! <3
    IT *

  7. You can definitely tell the difference in quality of these two rings. Pamela Love is definitely worth the money!


  8. OMG that ring is a must have!! Total Killer!


  9. nice ring! it's always better to go for the original ones!

  10. The Pamela Love looks better than the other you can see the difference. Nice post :)


  11. That's shit

    Not that I can wear stuff that's not silver or gold etc... but gah.. the P Love one is so much better!

  12. Those rings are awesome! I wouldn't want to get into a disagreement someone wearing those bad boys. Support Artists!

  13. True true about the green fingers. Quality is so much more preferrable over quantity. Love the ring, very edgy. :)

  14. glad i stayed up to surf some blogs before heading to bed, and found your blog, love it!

  15. I was about to say $485 whaat! and then comment telling you that there are cheaper ones. I definitely understand you, but sometimes it's nice to have something and not pay that much for it xx

  16. Wow @ the price of PL's ring! :O

    I sort of agree with you on not supporting knock offs, but there some people out there that don't have the money to buy the actual thing, so you know, they buy the knock offs. But then again, I'm a person that's in the creative field, and I would so hate it if someone made a knock off of my designs, whether it be clothes or accessories, and yeah, I always say people who copy the actual artist/designer, is not a creative person and not a actual artist/designer. Sooo...I'm kind of at ends. :/ Sometimes it's just best to support local jewelry artists or designers, at least most people can afford their stuff, and they have awesome original items. :D

  17. I understand what you're saying, and it does annoy me too, but how is it possible for chain stores to be supervised or controlled? Trends start on the runway and are copied by all the chain stores, whether it's colours/prints or styles and it seems impossible to do anything about it.

    I get how designers put their heart and souls into collections only to have cheap rip-offs made and mass-produced, but doesn't the average jane deserve to have some 'on-trend' seasonsal pieces at a price more affordable, not everyone has $500 to spend on a ring? I don't think there is any quick fix. I do, too, get irritated when I save for something I love only to see a carbon copy in sportsgirl a week later... but that's just the way it goes I guess... and I don't think the global financial crisis is at all supportive of designers.

  18. I actually like it but unfortunately I can't afford a ring like that for that price so I'd probably buy the cheaper one..
    It's just because I do not work (so I don't have an income) and everything I have now, I have gotten from my parents.

  19. the thing is as long as people lack the money people will always by the cheaper option. I know for sure I don't have a spare $485 knocking around !!!

    It is prreeetttyyy though :D

  20. love this ring:)


  21. This is so cool!!! :)


  22. Hey :)
    Never heard of sportsgirl or witchery. And I actually don't own any designer pieces, and I don't have any knock offs. :) I don't know if I'd get a knock off, I would be tempted though. lol
    Right, about not buying something you can't afford, lol.
    But, I guess some people, want to feel a part of fashion and the trends, and the ones that can't afford the actual designer items, they go lookin for knock offs, just to feel in trend or feel something. you know? *shrugs* The only designer item I know is my mom's vintage Christian Dior clutch, she has the real thing!!!!! :D I WANT IT SOOOO MUCH! <3333
    LOL @ biggest losers.
    But, just wondering, what if the person made a ring that's similar to the ysl arty ring, I mean, least they made it, got to give them props. lol jw. :)
    And I respect your opinion. :)

  23. thank you! youre also very pretty and i love your blog :D


  24. Thank you so much for your kind words. I hope you can stop by again sometime :) I reallly love your style. great accessory picks! following you now xxxxx


    p.s. your keyboard stickers are soooooo cute!!

  25. I love your and your blog, but I would have to disagree. While I completely understand and appreciate how much effort these "artists" put into their designs, I daresay a lot of high end stuff these days are inspired from something or other.

    As a poor student, I simply cannot justify say, buying a plain white Alexander Wang vest when I can get it for like 1% of the price on the high streets. This ring, yes, may be an exception. But what about simple "designer" tees and other basics that go for exorbitant prices?

    One may argue, "If you can't afford it, don't buy it!" Well, isn't fashion supposed to be accessible to all? Isn't that the point of SOME really good designers? Once upon a time, they said to themselves, I'm going to make a shoe, a dress, a skirt that ALL women will fall in love in and want to wear. Well, pricing them in the thousands aren't going to reach these women, right?

    If these designers created these clothes for the A-list, for the royals, for the rich, then perhaps I don't want to support the original.

    Sorry for the rant.

  26. I fully do not support knockoffs. That being said, knockoffs or replicas are always going to show up in the marketplace, if the piece is attractive or sells well. It's just economics. I think artists should get more credit or at least a royalty!


  27. I really prefer originals as fakes. Pamela's ring is fab!

    Thanks for your visit, i enjoy your blog as well!

    Have a great week


  28. hey sweety

    thanks for the love on my post!
    all you lovely ladies showing heaps of support atm for me really means so much to me.

    thanks for the advice
    and i KNOW i'll be at the airport AGAIN and having to say goodbye AGAIN.

    i've been reading ur posts, loving all the recent purchases.

    your boy is soooo sweet!


  29. I have been eyeing for a ring like that in ages!
    - http://xtheperfectmess.blogspot.com

  30. I was looking for one ring like this...but I never find! Love it!!!


  31. Hey :)
    lol, thanks. :D
    LOL @ stealing your grandma's louis vuittons sling bag. :D
    No, lol, I don't think it's worse than buying it. I think it's cool and it shows they admired the
    designer piece and decided to make their own and get creative...sorta. lol
    LOL @ illegally producing counterfeits!! I never thought of it tht way! That's funny! :D
    Right on, " i'd say it's still a knock off for sure, but they can kinda get away with it, unless it's professionally made".
    LOL @ piece of crap. But what about this girls wannabe ysl arty ring D.I.Y post-
    I think it's pretty cool, at least she said wannabe lol.
    I think it's way better to make it, but make it good, than to go out and buy the fake ring.
    I think, it's all about admiring a piece, but instead of waisting money on buying it fake, you make it yourself, in a way you are getting creative with supplies you have.

    I have been in a position of where a classmate copied my 3-d design peice, it looked just like my design but in a simpliefied look.
    I WAS SOOO PISSSED!!! LOL! Because I spent weeks and hours and a lot of hard work, coming up with something out of scratch
    and to have it the top best in my class. And then I have to see, that a classmate copied my design and, she got compliments for it.
    It reallly fuckin hurted, and idk how my teacher didn't see that she copied my design, thought I got complements too, but I wanted to be the only one with that design. But later @ the end of class, the classmate came up to me and said, she reaaly admired my piece, and that she loved it so much, that
    she got "inspired" (lol) from my piece that she made her piece. I don't think it was a inspired piece, it was COPIED!
    It looked just like mines but in a simplier form! >.<

    That day, I complained to my best friend of what happened and he told me that I should be flattered, that someone admired my piece
    enough, that they made a inpiried piece from my design.
    And when he told me that, I was queit, because I NEVER THOUGHT OF IT THAT WAY!

    So what I'm trying to say is that, people who make their own copied designer pieces, it's all just admiration. :)

    I too, have also been tempted to make jewlery ideas from designer pieces, but I do stop myself from actually making it, because it goes against what I believe in, which is not to copy others, to be a real true artist/designer. To make things/ideas that are not out there yet, to always be on a search for something new, to always create a new different idea, always reinventing and INVENTING! :D

    Pamela Love is an artist/designer, the people that copy her work, are not, they probs admire her work, and know they can make
    and copy her pieces and sell it for a cheap price, because they know, not every girl can afford the actual thing.

    It's just how it is in the creative world. :/ It's sad, but true.

    Even cell phone makers copy each other lol, it's like this in every business. *shrugs*

    And yeah, I get what you're saying. :)

    Oh yeah, intellectual convos are awesome, and am too glad we can have them, and thanks, you're awesome too! :D

  32. TOO TRUE. Knock-offs are all over Soho, not cool.

    We love you Pamela.

    (I couldn't want this ring more)