03 November 2011

Threadbare giveaway winner announced

Firstly, thank you to everyone who participated in T h r e a db a r e's giveaway hosted by yours truly. I wish everyone could've won.. especially me because that ring was amazeballs, but there could only be one winner... and that is BRIANNE KIMMEL! Congratulations!

Secondly, I want to thank everyone who entered and wrote on Threadbare's wall that I referred them. I ended up having the most referrals and therefore, I won myself a $250 Threadbare voucher!! OMG!!

I have absolutely no idea how to start spending it! I've made a list of my favourite Threadbare items below, but I've pretty much listed the whole store...

Clothing L-R: 1. Fernando Frisoni sarouel pant 2. Bleulab reversible jeans 3. Ellery black bean armor sleeve dress 4. Fernando Frisoni jumpdress 5. Ellery erotica sequin tee 6. Bluelab reversible denim short

Accessories L-R: 1. Gala Curios ephemere gold cuff, sting of remorse ring 2. Rachael Ruddick bay street messenger 3. Assad Mounser rocks off cluster cuff 4. Fallon future classic drop spike earrings 5. Gala Curios vanitas ring 6. Rachael Ruddick Yorktown messenger, new opera clutch 7. Temps Des Reves chiffon scarf 8. After The Apple sloth slouchy

Necklaces L-R: 1. Assad Mounser rocks collar 2. Fenton leather choker 3. Fallon short spike necklace 4. Gala Curios vanitas choker 5. Gala Curios ephemere collar 6. Assad Mounser shine a light collar

Thanks again to the lovely ladies at www.threadbare.co whom I will be visiting shortly to view their new Summer stock. I may or may not try a runner.. jokes!

Also can't wait to show you guys what I buy with my voucher heheh.

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  1. That is all to die for - especially the clutch!

    xx Nicole

  2. I love the accessorizes!! the rings, the earrings!!
    Let us know your choice!! xx


  3. I'm definitely looking forward to my package from Threadbare! Be sure to post what you get, I'm loving their latest goods :)

    Thanks again, lovely!

    Brianne xo

  4. congratulations! I think you´ll find enough, in the end too much to spend it ^^Great list!


  5. oooh, congratulations! the sequinned t-shirt is absolutely stunning x

  6. omggggg that ellery sequin tee is so pretty!!! GETIT! haha



  7. Aaah, I wish I had discovered the giveaway in time :p..Oh well.
    Ang congrats for the money, and of course- Brianne, you lucky gal (<< wow that sounded kind of corny :p).

    Awesome blog,
    xo Laura

  8. Thank you for your visit at my blog and for your invitation to the giveaway but I was a bit too late T____T

    Anyways you've a got a nice blog and your style is really cool!



  9. That erotica sequin tee totally caught my attention!

  10. LIke the comment above, the Ellery erotica sequin tee is a must!!!

    Le Fanciulle

  11. lucky girl!! so happy for you! cannot wait to see what you get sweets! X

  12. love the collection youve got here!