22 March 2013


photos from my Instagram
Last week I had the privilege to attend a dinner with Scotch & Soda to celebrate the opening of their Carindale, Brisbane flagship store. It was a beautiful three-course, high calibre affair which not only gave me a food baby (twins), but the opportunity to learn and be exposed to a brand I was not familiar with at all. I think the only reason for this is because I don't usually follow any street, European brands being from Brisbane, but there definitely were quite a few pieces which caught my eye that night.

Many thanks to Chloe and Peter from Scotch & Soda for having me! :)

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  1. looks amazing, hope you had a great time! love your blog <3 <3


  2. been a long time fan of scotch and soda and i have to say they make such good pieces for winter. all of it are super cozy and so easily styled with anything :) lucky you! xx

  3. great photos. You look so chic! :)


  4. I love browsing Scotch and Soda, sadly I don't own anything (yet!) but I really do love their aesthetic. The dinner sounds fancy and yummy - lucky!


  5. Great event, would love to try this out! If you fancy over-sized coats, then you've gotta check out my new textured over-sized Viktor & Rolf runway coat (got in on sale of course, phew! lol) accompanied with provoking color-block accessories. Tell me just how provoked you are! ;P

    xx The Provoker

  6. S&S is such a cool brand <3 Lucky you!

  7. S&S is such a cool brand <3 Lucky you!