30 May 2013

Simple things.

20 simple things about me: 
1. I am self motivating, yet lazy.
2. I've never smoked and don't have any desire to.
3. I am a clean freak and conscious of germs.
4. Therefore, I am not a pet person (although I don't mind cats). I once had a hermit crab.
5. I haven't learnt to really cook... yet.
6. I am very good at saving money (so no, I don't spend all my money on clothes).
7. I am a very picky eater, but getting better. I dislike beer, wine & coffee.
8. I judge people who cannot spell nor use correct grammar.
9. I am not a morning person, at all.
10. I am a very loyal friend, until my trust or respect is broken.
11. I would much rather dress practically, than be on trend.
12. I eat Vegemite underneath scrambled eggs on toast (also on hash browns). Try it sometime.
13. I play European Handball, Netball & Touch Football and love sport, but hate endurance running.
14. My favourite type of music is Happy Hardcore, then techno/electronica.
15. I always look for ways I can do things more efficiently.
16. I hate cheap accessories and believe jewellery represents a person's socio-economic status.
17. My favourite movie is The Legend of Ip Man. Favourite genre is Action. Favourite TV genre is Documentary (Mythbusters!)
18. I drive a Fiat Punto (manual).
19. I am an Atheist and a realist. If you want something to happen, go make it happen.
20. Before I started this blog, I used to design website layouts.

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  1. Gurl you are like no other! <3

  2. Had a lot of fun reading through these! You're such an interesting person. Ps loving the new layout!


  3. I ADORE that you are sporty and that efficacy is part of your personal philosophy! xo

  4. From this list I think you're awesome. :] I also don't understand the appeal of beer, wine or coffee. Mixed drinks are nice every once in a while. I'm also a fellow atheist (I usually say secular humanist because that tends to go over better with people who don't want to listen. Haha)