19 June 2013

cost per wear cont.

jacket Witchery from Westfield Chermside, necklace Pamela Love, shirt Fernando Frisoni, shorts Ellery (for sale via my Facebook Page!) 

Another outfit combination in my new jacket in which I'm currently a fan of. Using the CPW index calc I posted about previously, if I keep this jacket for two winter seasons and wear it about three times a month, its cost per wear is $2.08. Not bad. Anywho, I hope everyone is having a lovely week. It is becoming freezing cold in Brisbane lately... I played touch football last night with completely numb hands. Not pleasant!

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  1. Oh I've got to show that CPW calculator to Steph! She'll love it - we always try to justify purchases with how much wear they're going to get, otherwise you get sucked in to that all-consuming mindset which is so wasteful. Quite certain you will get a lot of wear out of that jacket!

    x T

  2. love the jacket! super gorgeous!


  3. Im really loving these cost per wear posts! $2.08 is pretty damn good.

  4. Love the whole cost per wear concept! Definitely worth investing in timeless pieces! xx

    oh my gilded

  5. nice, i like your face really much! :)


  6. The only way I shop is by CPW xx


  7. I love the jacket and that calc is super handy.. thanks for sharing :)

    steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com