15 June 2013

cost per wear.

dress Topshop, necklace Pamela Love, jacket Witchery from Westfield Chermside 

I often receive gasps, comments and sometimes judgement from people when I wear certain things that look expensive (one of these items is my rabbit fur vest), but little do they know that I wear it to work at least twice a week, I've had it for two Winter seasons now and that I'll probably own it for life.

This Witchery jacket I picked up last weekend is another piece that will be heavily worn by me this season and a really cool tool I found on Westfield's website is their 'cost per wear' tool. You punch in the no. of item wears, cost of item, length of ownership and then it spits out the actual cost per wear. The result is actually quite interesting sometimes. Try it on your designer handbag perhaps?

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  1. The dress is really great and am in love with your hair :)

  2. I love this outfit!
    the cost per wear app is pretty cool too

  3. Yep, I definitely stick to the cost-per-wear principle. I love buying items that I can wear endlessly and still love!

    x karen

  4. Its a great jacket and I can see it will fit in well with a lot of look. This site you wrote about seemes very interesting I will check it for sure.

    The Black Label

  5. I totally agree- fast fashion isn't worth the investment. But pieces in one's personal style that can easily be worn with multiple outfits are well worth the money.

  6. There was a similar cost-per-wear generator on ASOS a while back and it was just terrible.

    If you put in $200 to be worn 2 times it would say something ridiculous like, "YOLO!" I shouldn't have expected anything else. At least this one is based in math and rational thinking. Lol

  7. After so many years of feeling like I had nothing to wear I realised it was because I never really 'invested' in good quality clothing, I just bought what was on sale without thinking how it fit into my wardrobe. I always ended up buying items because they were cheap, not because I actually liked them. Now I prefer to invest in great quality pieces that I know I'll wear over and over, and it's actually saved me a lot of money! My leather boots, wool coat and my favourite Rag and Bone Jeans are practically my uniform this winter.


  8. perfect tshirt dress!


  9. such a lovely dress/tee! I love the idea of the 'cost per wear' makes me feel less guilty for splurging on my shoe addiction.. x


  10. That is one genius idea! Cost per wear--why didn't i think of that?! Thanks for sharing! <3


  11. I would rather spend a good amount of money on something that I will get a lot of wear or use out of. I have so many fast fashion items that I only worn a handful of time...while I have designer pieces that I always wear or use time and time again. Love this whole look.


  12. love the jacket! i want to change the way i shop now..and invest in some better quality esp for basics like a black bag,black flats and biker jacket etc ;)

  13. I stick by the cost per wear philosophy. It definitely makes you feel that you're a wiser buyer and careful consumer.