27 June 2013

for when i'm..

...super rich. Above are my favourite shoes on sale at the moment from net-a-porter:

1. Acne pistol brushed-leather ankle boot
2. Charlotte Olympia kitty embroidered woven cotton slippers
3. Jimmy Choo cosmic leather pumps

Also want to apologise for being a slack blogger lately. My weekends have been not only busy, but it's been rainy and miserable lately so all I've felt like doing is staying in bed. Plus I work full-time so it's hard finding the time, but I promise some updates soon! xx

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  1. those pistols are gorgeous, love the colour x

  2. I adore the Acne pistol ankle boots. Definitely something I would invest in...if I had the money right now.

  3. Hello :) I absolutely love your blog. Could you please check out mine? x


  4. LOVE the kitty slippers - they're so not usually me, but I've fallen in-love with them and would totally rep them. I have a massive 'For when I'm super rich' shopping list, oh to have designer taste with a tiny little budget. And I know exactly where you're coming from - blogging when working full-time is almost impossible if you actually want to sleep. xx


  5. Yum Yum Yum, want all these babes!!