13 August 2013

ekka diary.

Last weekend I went to the Ekka courtesy of RNA Corporate. For any international readers, this is basically Brisbane's huge annual carnival/fete which gets it own public holiday so it's pretty big. I hadn't been since I was in primary school, so it was amazing reliving my childhood memories... okay tbh I don't remember much, but shh! A big highlight for me was the array of food there - fresh, fine or fast food. I'm trying to be a little healthier with what I eat nowadays so instead of dagwood dogs and hot chips for lunch, I went for a mini spanish chorizo and salsa hotdog, then a pastrami garlic bagel with pickles and red cabbage mustard. Delicious! But my healthy intentions were short-lived because shortly afterwards I went to the showbag pavillion and bought Trolli, Wonka Nerds, Zappo and Ovalteenies showbags :D It will probably take me a good 6-8 months to finish all the candy I think, but I have my sister to help me I guess haha. 
Also, all photos here are taken by my iPhone. The problem with social media nowadays is that we're becoming too obsessed about capturing everything we eat/do/etc, so I didn't take too many photos as I was trying to live more in the moment, but couldn't resist taking some of the general infrastructure which I found interesting :)

I am wearing an extremely old jumpsuit, a $5 men's denim shirt off ebay, Beau Coops boots, Deadly Ponies bag and KW sunglasses.

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  1. ahh, I love the ekka! I didn't get around to going this year, but my sister brought me back a freddo showbag, with my weight worth of chocolate. did you get a strawberry ice-cream while you were there?! they are the best! x


  2. I love it! feel free to visit and follow my blog http://tjfseries.blogspot.com

  3. Totally should get two public holidays for the ekka!! haha
    iPhone photos actually look pretty good! Great that you're living the moment, rather than your iphone :)


  4. Really lovely photos and pretty images, too! Smart phones makes us too busy at times. I'm even guilty of that. Also, love shots taken by the iPhone, no any other smart phone can do that.