12 December 2013

topshop interview.

my favourite images from the latest Topshop Brisbane lookbook

If you can remember, in my last entry (here) I promised to post up the answers to a few questions I asked the Topshop management and staff. They were all super lovely to meet at the launch party and I wish them every success :)

Hilton Seskin - Chairman Topshop/Topman Australia
Q: Very glad you've finally opened in Brisbane. What made you decide to finally open Topshop in Australia in 2011? Why that year?
A: After securing the franchise agreement with the Arcadia Group in the UK, this then determined our store opening strategy which was largely dependent on property negotiations and ensuring that the collections and product planning was seasonally relevant.

Prue Thomas - Group Marketing Director Topshop/Topman Australia
Q: I'm a media buyer myself. Who is Topshop's media agency and are you able to shed some light on what Topshop campaigns consumers will be seeing in the Brisbane media landscape soon?
A: Topshop/Topman don’t use agencies to buy media in the UK or in Australia- I can’t answer for the other global territories. We negotiate directly with media titles, broadcasters and suppliers in order to build relationships and secure a more valuable, long term partnership. 
We shoot Australian specific campaigns with the team in the UK each season to ensure we have relevant imagery to support our counter seasonal product mix. We are very fortunate to use the best global talent to shoot these campaigns, more often than not, Topshop/Topman are responsible for finding the next big faces and photographers.

Adele Frost - Brisbane Store Personal Shopper
Q: I'm sure your job is highly coveted by many. How did you land your position and what do you think gives you an edge over everyone else?
A: I am so excited to be a Topshop Personal Shopper. Not only does it combine my love for the fashion industry and my love of working with people, but to be linked to such an incredible, international brand and hand-picked to represent them as an ambassador, it makes coming to ‘work’ more like coming to ‘play’. I feel honoured and lucky to offer customers that next level customer service, build friendships and ongoing relationships with women who speak my language. I saw on the Topshop Australia instagram account (@Topshop_AU) that Topshop was opening in Brisbane, then found the job advertisement on tstmcareers.com.au. The rest is history!

A big thanks to Hilton, Prue and Adele for answering my brief questions and for Chloe for organising it. Can't wait to go back when the new round of stock comes in (which isn't going to be long at all actually)!

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  1. the sunglasses and the dress in the first pictures are fab!!!!

  2. so much love for topshop!

    moustachic ♡
    Twitter/Instagram: @moustachic

  3. I'm still not sure how I feel about having topshop here but loved reading this x

  4. love that tight dress! gorgeous

    Alexa <3