12 July 2014

mini photo diary: part III.

This is the last photo diary of my overseas trip. Paris was the last city I visited for 4 days before I returned to Australia. My dear friends whom I was staying with in Cannes caught the train up with me and we stayed in their cute, loft-style, studio apartment as one of them studies there. It is in the 16th district and only a 15-minute walk to the Eiffel Tower. I could even see it when I sat in bed or when I stood onto one of the 'one-man' balconies. So cute!

On the first day, once we surfaced from the train stations/underground which are a little bit dirty, my eyes were as big as plates because I couldn't believe the beauty I was seeing. After we settled into our apartment, we went for lunch at Hôtel Costes in which I had my first exquisite spicy lobster pasta. It was so fancy there that you were allowed to smoke anywhere in the restaurant. I quite disliked that, but in France sooo many people smoke so I had to get used to it. After lunch, we explored the surrounding areas and wondered around Printemps, which is a huge, French department store. 

When I say huge, I mean it has 3 towers: 1 for Menswear, 1 for Womenswear and 1 for homewears/other. They all had a walkway connecting them in the middle so you could walk between them. The tallest one, the homewears one, was 9 floors and on the top was a cafe showcasing gorgeous views of Paris. We went there for a rest from shopping (this is where I purchased my dear Celine!) and enjoyed a nice, glass Coke and taking snaps of the view. I was very fortunate that everyday the weather was pleasantly warm and the nights weren't too cold.

That night we had dinner near the Eiffel Tower, then waffles for dessert from a nearby kiosk whilst watching the tower's lights sparkle- true Paris style. It was such a perfect night.

The following few days we got around to seeing all the other sights such as Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, Moulin Rouge, Louvre Pyramids, Arc de Triomphe and dining at the Ladurée cafe in Avenue des Champs-Élysées! Another highlight was in Montmartre near the Sacre Coeur, we ate at this underrated, non-touristy restaurant we found where I tried French onion soup for the first time and holy moly... words cannot describe. I don't even like onions for gods sake. I also invited a friend who had recently moved to Paris so it was great catching up as well.

A hilarious and memorable event from our trip was walking down a residential street at 11:30pm one night and witnessing spaghetti bolognaise in the shape of a perfect bowl falling like a comet and hitting the ground about half a metre away from our heads. The *thud* was so loud and sudden that we screamed and then went into hysterics! Only in Paris right? 

Four days isn't nearly enough to explore this city so I will definitely be back. Hopefully with someone special to find out why they call it the 'city of love'! :)

Until my next adventure... x

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  1. looks and sounds amazing! glad you had fun x


  2. Paris is so beautiful!!! Really wishing that I could go there soon. The place is such a dream! X


  3. Wow these photos are looking gorgeous !


  4. Oh how I miss Paris. Beautiful photo diary! X

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  5. Love all your photos and style, amazing :))!



  6. So amazing photos
    Would love to vist Paris one day

    Kiss kiss.*Jo