23 October 2014

nailing it.

pictured: UNAIL home nail kit (wearing colour 'Sunburn'), rings from ThePeachBox, Pamela Love and Dainty & Bold.

Gone are the days of me sitting at my desk and having to put on a TV show on my laptop because I'm painting my nails and it takes so damn long to dry. Then I won't wait for the coats to dry properly and end up smudging it an hour later and raging #girlproblems. Thank frock for this amazing UNAIL home nail kit because now my nailpolish dries in literally 60 seconds and lasts weeks chip free. Definitely getting some more colours! The lamp was really fun to use too and makes you feel like you're at a salon minus the sassy ladies and time wasting.

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  1. 60s ! This sounds pretty amazing !


  2. That's awesome! I hate waiting for nail polish to dry!

  3. hmmmm- i think i need to get one of these!