31 December 2014


top via Laison, skirt Missguided, necklace Lovisa (old), shoes Choies

Happy almost New Years everyone. I hope you had a good Xmas and got spoilt? My best gift was a 5-in-1 thermo cooker lolol. Growing up is so lame. Something which made me feel good this Xmas was donating heaps of clothes to charity. When I sell clothes it often isn't about making money; it's because I dislike clutter so much and what better way to save time listing them up so they *might* sell than to donate to charity! :)

It is absolutely sweltering hot here in Brisbane. Not gonna lie but I almost died taking these photos haha. I'm still on work holidays and I'm mega enjoying my time off. Actually taking some time offline is refreshing. Everyone (especially bloggers) should do it every once in a while. I often pity those who post on Instagram multiple times a day.. it's like... you need a life. Anyways, who knows what next year will bring? Well actually, I do know that I'm going to Japan in May... yay! Stay tuned for more posts in the new year...

See you on the flip side ;)

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  1. You look beautiful in this girly outfit! Have a great NYE!


  2. awesome.. ; >>


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  3. This outfit is so gorgeous and elegant ! You look amazing !

    Giveaway, win a So...? Fragrance gift set !

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