22 December 2014

new in: espadrilles

pictured: Witchery espadrilles

This is another case of 'I had to buy these shoes because they were the last pair on sale left in my size.' Yesterday I walked around Robina shops with my boyfriend and another friend and treated myself to a few things. I told myself the occasion was because I'm on holidays for two weeks. 
These shoes were one of the things from my mini shopping spree. I had to get these because a while ago I ordered a Stella McCartney pair which were pretty much the same, but had to return them because they were too big :( I thought it was a sale win, but I guess this is a better sale win... sometimes things happen for a reason!

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  1. They look amazing, dear! I loveespadrilles!
    Have a great day!

  2. Never tried this kind of shoes before but they look lovely !

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  3. Love the beachy look of these shoes!
    - Grace xx

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  4. Ahhh amazing, I love witchery so much. Very chic. xx