28 February 2015

beauty: daily regime.

pictured: Glasshouse candle 'Galapagos', Chanel brush set, Giorgio Armani primer, Chanel vitalumiere foundation, Giorgio Armani d'armani rogue 507, Estee Lauder eyebrow crayon, Maybelline liquid eyeliner pen

I'm not much of a beauty product fiend, nor am I that good with hair/makeup (hence why I never post about this kind of stuff), but I thought... there's always a first time for everything! The above pretty much consists of my daily regime, minus my $5 blush from Kmart, Maybelline black eyeliner pencil and MAC mascara. My lovely sister bought this Chanel foundation for me as a birthday treat and I am a big fan. I usually use Revlon/chemist foundation because it gets the job done and I don't believe in paying nearly $100 for something you'll just wipe off your face. However, if I had the choice I would definitely use Chanel Vitalumiere or Giorgio Armani silk foundation (one I decided to buy and try a while ago) because both products are so silky smooth upon application! I've tried MAC foundation, but I find it way too orange for my skin (making me look like a guido). Also I'm not much a lipstick person as I hate having to monitor its coverage throughout the day (and it always somehow gets on my chin when eating), but I love a good subtle dose of d'armani rogue 507 (pink) lipstick, or anything else that is a light pink for a feminine finish. Limecrime and MAC are my other two favourite brand of lipsticks for their staining coverage and ability to not make my lips super dry. 

What are your 'must have' beauty products?

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