05 February 2015

sponsored video: Nivea Sun

As you can see above, I am a massive fan of the sun. I truly love our Australian summers and although I love travelling, I am very reluctant to travel to another country's winter (unless I'm going skiing)!

This may be a 'sponsored post', but I only chose to take on this project because I wholeheartedly support its cause, which is raising awareness of sun damage. I have been chained to watching the Aus Open and have seen this NIVEA video quite a few times myself. I wonder what my skin would look like under a UV light? I fortunately have an olive complexion so I don't get sunburnt as easily as others (my poor, whitey of a boyfriend haha), but I reckon I would still have some sort of damage like a few people in the video.
A really interesting fact which I didn't know, was that SPF stands for 'Sun Protection Factor' and actually refers to time spent in the sun. So if you're a whitey and get burnt super quickly (approx 3 mins for example), you would need to reapply SPF30+ sunscreen around every 90 minutes (3x30=90). Therefore if you're applying SPF50+ sunscreen it would provide around 150 minutes of protection. You learn something new everyday! But anyways.. who's keen to hit the beach this weekend? I am!

*This is a NIVEA sponsored post but all thoughts are my own. Always read the label and use only as directed.  

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