07 May 2015

4 ways to wear.

... a white t-shirt dress!

Add a belt to give a shirt-dress more shape and femininity. With such a plain look you can go wild with accessories. Make sure the shirt-dress is long enough to be a dress however, otherwise you'll just look like a sluzza.

Layer with a plain bralet or corset and undo a few more buttons knowing it will secure in your womanly assets.

Simply add a sweater on the top for a preppier and warmer look. This probably wasn't the best sweater to use for this post as it's quite thin and you can see all the t-shirt dress crinkles underneath, but you know what I mean.

For all your hipster needs, add a leather jacket, black hat, black boots and make sure your top button is done up.

outfit 1: shirt-dress via Glassons, belt Zara, sunglasses Celine
outfit 2: shirt-dress via Glassons, bralet Missguided, sunglasses Celine
outfit 3: shirt-dress via Glassons, sweater Dorothy Perkins, sunglasses Celine
outfit 4: shirt-dress via Glassons, leather jacket Chronicles of Never, sunglasses Celine, hat Seed Heritage

I can't remember the last time I did a post like this, but nonetheless it was quite fun and refreshing for me haha. It's not long until I go to Japan now.. about 4 days! I will be bringing my laptop as I want to do some blogging over there so hopefully this blog will be semi-updated with some cool pics :P Sayonara people - I will give you an update soon! (there will be more updates on my Insta @opinionslave though)

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