29 May 2015

photo diary: osaka & nara.

Two theme parks in one holiday? My rollercoaster heart just beat twice as hard. Universal Studios at Osaka won so many cool-points for me. It wasn't even on our itinerary, but the 'super rapid' train to Osaka from Kyoto is only about 25 mins so we made a day of it. Not only was the 'Hollywood Dream' rollercoaster super awesome (it lasted for ages and you non-stop felt the g-forces), but the park had a Snoopy and Hello Kitty section! Oh yeah and the Harry Potter section was cool too. We unfortunately didn't hop on the main Harry Potter ride (some guided coaster thingy) because the queue was '300 minutes' long, so we instead did a quick walk-through the Hogwarts castle. The attention to detail is impressive to say the least. Oh and fyi, 'Butterbeer' tastes like caramel flavoured creaming soda which kinda makes you feel sick if you drink too much.
The only other ride we went on was the Back To The Future flying simulation thing which was cool, but I wish I had shoulder pads haha. There's so much to explore and see at the park and not a lot of exciting rides (Jurassic Park was closed for maintenance) so we mainly just walked around heaps, ate cute treats- eg. brownie churros, and shopped. I may or may not have bought Snoopy branded instant noodles in cute cups. Like whaaa~?

Just as close to Kyoto where we were staying, Nara is adjacent to Osaka, so we made a day trip here as well to see many temples and of course, the Deer Park! I called myself the deer whisperer that day as you can buy deer food for 150¥ (around $1.60AUD) and feed the deer and make them follow you :D I've been told they can get a bit aggressive sometimes for the food, but that's why I was the deer whisperer because they were nice and chill.

Again, we hired bikes and rode around which was so much fun. We stumbled across our first alcoholic vending machine down some rando street which prompted some cheap hydration! (A big 660ml bottle of Asahi beer was only $4AUD! But I had peach umeshu).

If we had more time in Japan we would go back and explore Osaka properly. Also we would've liked to venture a little further to Hiroshima as from Kyoto it would've been only just over an hour by Shinkansen. Oh well..next time! 

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  1. Wonderful photo diary! I have enjoyed every single photo!


  2. It looks so much fun! And the deer are so cute! I am really loving these posts from Japan, thanks so much for sharing your adventure with us.