22 May 2015

photo diary: tokyo disneysea.

Just a few photos from our trip to DisneySea! We chose to go here over Disneyland as it has more 'adult' rides and I love a good action/thrill/rollercoaster ride. We went on a Tuesday on a scattering rainy day and it turned out to not be that busy at all! I guess the early morning rain scared most people off but it only rained once in the morning for only 10 minutes! Once we got in at 9:15am, we got our Fast Pass straight away for Toy Story Mania which told us to already come back at 4:50pm. You can only get one Fast Pass every 2 hours (they scan your ticket so they can tell), so I recommend getting this one first (it's the most popular ride, followed by Tower of Terror I'd say) and then exploring/taking pics/going on other rides until you can get your next Fast Pass. The only Fast Passes we needed to get were for Toy Story Mania and Tower of Terror. For most, if not all of the other main rides we didn't even need a Fast Pass as we never had to wait more than 30 mins to get on a ride which made the day very successful efficiency wise. The park is pretty big and there is so much to see. There is so much detail in everything. You can really tell why and how the park cost $3.5 billion to create!
For a thrill-ride lover like me, I'd say that Tower of Terror is the most 'thrilling' ride of the park. Basically you get guided on a tour through a 'haunted house' then you go into a room, sit secured in a chair in an 'elevator' and then it gets dropped/bounces up and down 3 times! Another cool ride was Raging Spirits which was a small rollercoaster that had a small loop-de-loop, but it wasn't that thrilling. Journey to the Centre of the Earth is a guided tour rollercoaster type within a cave with cool things that you can see along the way. The best part was at the end though when the rollercoaster goes into pitch black for about 10 seconds! A similar, but better ride in my opinion is the Indiana Jones Adventure ride. It's another guided rollercoaster through a cave but way more interactive and thrilling which keeps you on the edge of your toes. There's fire, statues that blow 'darts' (you feel air), a giant boulder which seems like it's going to hit you and other scary stuff! Finally, there's Toy Story Mania which definitely wins the most fun points so I can see why it's the most popular ride. It's a 3D shooting game where you sit in a cart (wearing 3D glasse) and fire your gun at a digital screen, hitting targets that have points like you're at a carnival. I got a 56% accuracy in hitting targets haha. It's fun to vs whoever you're there with! We went on other rides too but for the sake of keeping this blog post from being too long I won't bore you. 
Oh yeah and we splurged a bit and ate at Ristorante di Canaletto as we wanted table service and didn't want to be around the plebs in a canteen style environment lol. The pizza was above average (they have nice woodfired pizza bases) but the pasta was just average. I had a beef ragu fettuccine which was pretty much just a glorified spag bols.
Next time I go to any Disneyland/world I will be dressing up a little. So many couples/friends/partners wore matching outfits. So kawaii~!

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  1. OMG it was SO busy when we went to Disneyland (wish we'd gone to Disney Sea now). Each line was at least 2.5 hours long - it was flipping ridiculous! Everyone was so happy though, which was crazy when my feet hurt so much for standing around. The rides we went on were so much fun though, even if they weren't that scary - the designs were incredible!

    Isn't it funny how everyone dresses up and matches in their little or big groups? SO funny!


  2. i was just reading about tokyo disneysea on another blog before i came here what a coincidence haha but that one was all about cute duffy bear and this is about adult rides love the diversity! need to go to disneysea soon!!

  3. Gosh bring me back to Japan please! There are so many places I want to visit in Japan including museums!