23 August 2015

back in black.

dress via Glassons, shoes via Wittner 

After my longest hiatus in years I am back! Where have I been the last few weeks you ask? Quite a few things have happened actually which prevented me from updating this space. 

Firstly, I was actually having some housemate issues and needless to say, I have now moved out of that residence and am now moved in with my partner James :) It's all going really well which is awesome. We both didn't own much so we had to go out and furnish our place completely. As you can imagine my wallet is crying and I have been cleaning, interior decorating, unpacking boxes and assembling furniture like a crazy person. I will definitely be posting up some photos when it's completely done!
Also my work has been a little hectic, but in a good way! To which was a truly amazing surprise a month ago, I was awarded employee of the year, plus I nominated my boss for a national award and she ended up taking it out! She took me down to Sydney to accompany her to the awards night and we partied like we were the only people from Brisbane there (okay we actually were....!)

So yes, I'm glad to be a bit more settled now. A couple of nights ago I had the chance to meet and be styled by Deb Wittner from Wittner Shoes herself as she came up to Brisbane! I chose this pair and love the edgy fringing, yet classic heel shape. I will post up a couple of photos from the night very soon :)  And how versatile is this dress? Beach? Festival? Night out? All of the above I think.... although I had to go a bit overboard with the double sided tape ;)

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  1. Such a gorgeous look! Loooove the shoes you're wearing<3


  2. Hello from Spain: I really like the dress. Feel great on you. Fabulous shoes. keep in touch

  3. congratulations hun! glad to see you back xxx

    the stylish atelier

  4. so cute look ; -)

    new post


  5. Love the dress x


  6. Wow! Congratulation on the new house and the award! I like your outfit simple yet classy.

    (◕‿◕✿) EmoteraGoddess.com | Instagram | Bloglovin

  7. Love it!! you are gorgeous :)


  8. What an amazing opportunity with Deb Wittner! :)

  9. Wildly, wildly excited for you!! Excellent shoes. And what a blessing that turned out to be - moving in with your bf, and interior designing (which is always super fun - you actually have a very valid excuse to purchase the things you're probably staring at online anyway). I'm holding you to that post for when it's all done!

    Sounds like everything is going swell at the moment. We do love the updates, but you keep doing what's important for you - real life comes first!

    Sending good energy from Sydney to Brisbane, Jess xo

  10. Love the look! The dress is beautiful and the shoes are amazing :)

    Pretty Little Stories

  11. Love the shoes!

  12. I adore this look so much. it is such a chic and pretty dress!

    Winn | ♥