22 November 2015

zara: queen street.

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of checking out the new Zara store which has just opened in Brisbane's Queen Street Mall. I had to wear my Zara blouse of course which I bought in Japan. It came in handy when comparing what my size was as I'm forever between an X-Small and Small. After the store tour, we were let loose to shop in the store before it was open to the public. It was very overwhelming and hard to control myself from buying everything! I only ended up buying a black, sporty looking vest which will come in handy when going to the gym. We were also gifted a lovely, brown leather clutch as well. Thanks for having me, Zara Brisbane! I will be back once the crowds die down... haha.

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  1. You are looking so lovely ! This shirt is so gorgeous !


  2. so wish there was a zara store near me!

  3. whenever I'm in Zara I have to control myself from spending every penny in my bank account on clothing! I absolutely love that clutch :) Such a lovely color.

    x Alona | gentleconfusion.blogspot.com

  4. amazing picture you looked loved really and i like zara it's my favourite brand name