12 January 2016

white jewel.

dress (unbranded- bought from Sydney Chinatown), shoes Witchery
I saw this 3-tier style dress in a shitty Chinatown shop in Sydney and had to have it. I'm always attracted to things that are a little different, yet minimal I guess. Just FYI I ended up buying two items from the same store and haggled the lady down pro-style. Just putting my trader negotiating skills from work to good use :) These sandals as well were a further 25% off the marked sale price... umm yes thanks Witchery! Usually I don't wear sandals because I think feet are ugly in general so to wear sandals/open toed shoes, etc I think anyone's feet need to be perfect or *vomit emoji* but fresh pedis always go well lol.

PS- If you're from Brisbane I'm giving away 3x double passes to Laneway! Click here for more info on how to enter!

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  1. Those sandals are so cute! Love the detail of the dress x


  2. Looking really cute !