26 March 2016

march 26: trends.

The bell sleeve. This is definitely a trend which has grown on me. I'm not big on vintage trends in general, but this one from the 70s has been successfully reinvented and brought into the modern age by designers like Ellery. Minimal with a twist, the above outfits are sleek and sophisticated. 

What not to do with a bell sleeve- look like a poodle or that you have fairy-floss shaped stumps for hands. Sorry line, but I am not a fan of your interpretation. These looks miss the mark in terms of sophistication in my opinion. There is no flow in the sleeve and all I can think of is how unpractical the sleeves actually are.

pictured: Zimmermann swim (both)
Most people choose their swimwear based on the colour and pattern alone, but style and cut is actually the most important factor in choosing a new bikini.
I love the swimsuit on the right because it's a sporty cut with a feminine-ish pattern, which plays on both sports luxe and boheme trends. It would really complement an A-B cup chest.
The swim set on the left I love as well because it is flattering for a smaller chest as the cut is slightly sporty too, and when you have a size 6 waist, but size 8 hips (for more bony bodies), a high waisted style is super flattering as it diverts attention away from the hips and focuses on the waist.

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  1. I absolutely adore bell sleeves! the bigger, the better. A great way to make a statement without being too obvious. x Alona


  2. I've become a sucker for bell sleeves! xx