03 March 2018

opinionslave's 8th birthday.

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Happy birthday to this blog and place that I’ve been using as a creative outlet for eight years now. Eight f*cking years! That's longer than the average chick with boltons who now has a soft-core porn Instagram account!

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been updating this blog as much as I should be. 

The main reason why is because I’m bad at being fake. 

You see, over the years blogging has lost its charm because of the invention of “instabloggers”, “instamodels”, “influencers”, and advertisers. I’m not excusing myself here, but there are a lot of bloggers who shamelessly plug products that they’re not even into. I always stayed true to myself though, but this marketing behaviour has taken the shine off the integrity of blogging and it can never be brought back. For example, I see bloggers who can post an Instagram photo with at least 15 paid products in one single flatlay shot! All I can say is wow, how tiresome! But I haven't given up on this space yet. I love this site and the fact it'll always be here for me if I need it.

We all say this every year but for me – and I’ve never actually said this - 2018 is my f*cking year. So far it’s proven so. This year for me so far has been full of life changes and stepping out of my comfort zone.
The biggest gift so far is that I’m living with the love of my life and we have big goals and ambitions. I couldn't be happier.
About a month ago I resigned from my job due to workplace bullying. Life is too short to put up with horrible bosses. You should never be scared to quit your job if you're being treated unfairly. DO IT and go find another one! The support from my friends and family was what pushed me through.
I am also letting those bad friends go. You can say that I’ve finally reached an age that I am reassessing relationships with people, and those who are all ‘take take take’ and no give, well, they’re in the bin. It has definitely taken a huge load off my shoulders. 
I’ve started to take an interest in basic finance and cryptocurrency and am learning simple ways to benefit myself in the long run... like superannuation – we nearly hear about it everyday through marketing/advertising collateral but the attitude in many young people’s minds is that they can "worry about it later" but they'll definitely pay later. 
During my spare time (which I now have a lot of), I'm finally actioning a website idea I've had for three years. It will be hopefully launching in the coming months, but I am taking weekly steps to ensure I reach my goal - like meeting weekly with my friend who's mentoring me and constantly keeping self-motivated to learn basic web dev! Watch this space :) 

So that's an update from me... If you haven't thought about your goals this year or even in the near future - kick your own butt and think about it. Don't whinge to your family or friends if one day you wake up 5 years down the track still doing the same 9-5 job and say, wow, what am I even doing with my life?

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