25 June 2018


sweater Opening Ceremony via Shopbop, jeans Wrangler

This weekend I had mini getaway in Bondi, Sydney for a friend's 30th birthday. It was so nice to catch up with dear friends and spend some time away from home, even though it was super cold! Luckily my new Shopbop purchase arrived two days before I left so I was able to bring my new favourite layering sweater :) I do like Bondi but it is very interesting walking around and observing everyone living in the 'Bondi Bubble'. In that every second person is wearing athleisure wear, walking a dog and paying ridiculous rent. My partner, housemate and I actually played a game where we punched each other every time one of us saw - a chick in leggings, a porche, a dog or a hot bondi beach dad pushing a pram. LOL.

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